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This web we are weaving in the digital new age is creating its own karmic reciprocity..and sometimes we are unaware that kind words have been said of us, or that we have in some way reached others we were not aware of.


I understand there are whole departments of multi-national PR firms dedicated to monitoring and reporting on-line mentions.  Since it's just me at my west end home office I play Google Smee and have realised I have a seemingly endless supply of topics for my blog..whew..this is not going to be as hard as I thought.


I would like to thank James Johnstone for his amazing dedication to the tireless reseach and recording of what remains of our Architectural Legacy in this city of spired glass condos at the water's edge priced into the stratosphere.  This is a good read, but be prepared, if you are at all an old house nerd you may miss whatever it is you had planned for the next two hours as you marvel at the awesome research James has compiled.  Enjoy.